Last weekend recap: Knitting and Cleaning!

So, where was I, oh yes, last Saturday, we came back from Richmond. We actually came by way of I-64 in Charlottesville, but luckily we weren't shot.

As I mentioned in my last bloggy post, I had so much energy that I cleaned my car! but found mold :( More to come on that.

Sunday, I got up and loaded up my newly de-cluttered car, to head down to visit my parents. I really do like visiting them, they live out in the country, and its so peaceful and quiet and FRESH AIR! I feel kind of bad though, because ever since I started knitting, my Mom and I have so much to talk about and share, but I feel like I have less things to do with my dad :(

Mom and I spent most of Sunday night and Monday comparing our Works in Progress, and she was quite proud of how my skills have improved. She gave me a book, which I'd seen advertised on icanhascheezburger. Suprise! Its actually a knitting book!
Then Monday night I went to Chicks with Sticks, which is her knitting group at church. What a Blast! I told the ladies I wished I had a teleporter so I could come every Monday, to which one of them said "Or a Tardis." I high fived her :)
Tuesday, mom and I headed to Holly Bee yarns in Valdese, NC. If you're anywhere near there you should check it out. Their mill has decided not to produce their stock anymore, so they've been having a sale for nearly a year now.

The cotton yarn is much softer and absorbant than most, and makes AWESOME dishcloths.

I'm using the wool I got there to make Tripsie's Kitty pi.

Let's put it this way, I got enough yarn to make: Kitty Pi, 3 scarves, and 4 washcloths for $17.

So, rest of the week went pretty normal. Then today my friend came over with her mom's carpet cleaner and we KILLED THE MOLD!
Now I'm thinking of a super awesome seat cover. Something like


Anonymous said...

If you get a Tardis, I'll have to call you JadieWho! I'm certain that you daddy understands your mommy-bonding time. And I'm fairly certain he knows how to weasle in some time if he's really feeling neglected. YAY - no mold.

Mari said...

I'll take a Tardis as long as David Tennant comes along with it. :)

Jadielady said...

Hehe that would be a nice bonus to time and space travel wouldn't it!