Some time off... ish

Tomorrow, I am taking an internet vacation. What this means is, no blogging, no blog reading, no email, no chatting, no neopets, no Ravelry!
I'm mainly doing this so that I can have some good solid Knitting time.
What am I working on?
I still have a Christmas present to finish, though I think I've decided to turn it into a birthday present considering the timing.
Also, I know of 10 babies being born between now and August. 3 by middle of March!
So I want to get pretty far on baby hats... and 2 of my very close friends I'd like to make blankets - those will take a while.
I also, want to get started on the big announcement thing I've been pondering a while to sell on Etsy.
PLUS, I was given several books for Christmas, and I'd really like to read at least part of some of them.

In the meantime.... I think I've just about run out of podcasts to review... so if you please:
Leave me a comment and tell me about one of your favorite podcasts. I'll check it out and post a review next week :)

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