YAY Mailman!

This morning, Sam was about to head out to purchase tires, and said "Babe, you've got a big box from Richmond."
Thomas sent me YARN!
2 skeins each of well... I'd list it but someone's decided its comfy.

Here's a picture before Kitty decided it smelled like dog and had to be for him.
I love the little yarn buddy, made out of yellow presumably because I said I don't like yellow :P

Thank you Thomas!!

my plans for today?
Finish at least 1 Christmas Knitting project. Rename a few of my Track XX's on Itunes (you might see some weird stuff on my LastFM thingy). Yup, that's about it :)
Happy Holidays everyone!

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Whirled said...

Wow, I want your mailman! Mine never brings anything so awesome :)!

Have fun with that!