Some podcast notes. Yaaarrrn

Today at work, I listened to two knitting podcasts I wanted to talk about. One, Vickie Howell's CRL talked about the Business side of knitting. This was very interesting to me, as it relates to my after New Year's plans :) One thing her guest Jennifer Perkins talked about was the ability to market yourself. I bring this up, because this is a skill which I've developed working my current job. We write our own reviews, and then our team leaders comment on them. So I'm glad to see this practice will come in handy. YAY!

I also listened to Lion Brand's Yarn Craft podcast. I really like that while this podcast is produced by a yarn company, you rarely hear them distastefully pimp their own products. This particular episode was so AWESOME because their featured guest was one of my favorite Bloggers! The Yarn Harlot is so very funny and personable! It was also great to finally hear a voice that I could put to the words I read (as often as they're updated).

She had a very interesting point I'd like to get some input on. I fear I'll completely muck this up, but to paraphrase, she said that Knitters, are an enormously diverse group. However, we don't discriminate against each other by outward appearance, race, religion, creed, orientation, preferences, other hobbies & interests etc. I've never seen another group of people who can instantly be comfortable talking to each other, even though one is a 60 year old grandmother and the other is a 25 year old transsexual (I've seen it!).

For example: When I was getting my car fixed the other day, I walked in to pay for the repairs, and saw an older woman sitting and knitting. I immediately walked over, and chatted her up. I"M SHY!!! I'd never normally walk up to a perfect stranger, much less one probably twice my age and start talking to her.
In contrast: That PSP commercial, where the guy's on an elevator and another guy is commenting all about it. The other guy is considered a weirdo for coming up and being excited about a shared hobby.
Knitters unite! We love to show each other our projects. Whenever I knit at work, people come up and ask me what I'm working on, and will say they know how to knit, or crochet etc. Its just a neat thing that this one craft unites so many people, who normally would never meet, much less get along :)

Additionally, I'd like to say a big thank you to my neighbor (who I doubt reads this but whatever) who once again, rescued Kitty from the outdoors, because our front door FLIES OPEN when the wind blows.
Luckily, this time she put him back in our house, and shut the front door back. I'm amazed he didn't run for the road, she said he just sat in the little front grassy area and chased some leaves. When he saw her he ran over and she picked him up.
We'll be filing a complaint with our landlord tomorrow to fix the frickin door.

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