NC Visit, Full Circle

I can't believe it, but its true. My sister is in Marching Band. Sam and I went to visit my parents this weekend so that we could watch her band, the North Irdell Raiders. (I'm linking so my dial up friends can choose to watch, or not). This video is not from that competition, but you get the idea. (She's the super short flute player btw). I can't believe that its been over 10 years since she used to sit on my parents' laps watching me do the same thing. Go Sis!

Its always nice to get away to the country for a while, but its good to be home, and Kitty missed us SO Much that he was in the front window crying when we pulled up :(

We also got to visit my parents' ever growing menagerie.

The pretty dog is Bear

The grey & White is Patches, the huntress of chipmunks.

The big fat Ragdoll is Charlie.

Of course no trip to my folks is complete without knitting, and mom gave me yarn! I'm doing my scarf and hat in it, with my first attempt at a drop stitch

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