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As mentioned last time, I want to talk about my Bullet Journal, and goals.

I started a Bullet Journal in late October after fate led me to read Ryder Carroll's book on the subject AND I found a gorgeous leather traveler's notebook case at SAFF on the same weekend.
Also, I've been getting Field Notes' quarterly subscription a while and really needed to start using them.

Later I was able to find this gorgeous fabric case to keep my pens handy.
I use 3 notebooks for my Bujo.

1 is replaced every month. It has my Daily tasks & general to-do list. For this book I've been using Word Notebooks because they are already set up with the Bullet Journal method of tracking lists.

On one page I have "Future Log - Adulting" where I keep track of things like work deadlines, cleaning tasks, appointments, and bills.  The second page I have "Future Log - FUN!" Where I keep track of things like Christmas gift knitting plans and entertainment schedules (I have names & other info on many pages, and bad handwriting, so I haven't shared images of most of my pages).

After that comes my daily pages. This is where the Bullet Journal method has helped me the most. I used to lay awake at night repeatedly thinking about what I had to get done the next day. Now, I spend about 10 minutes each night writing those tasks out for the next day. It gets the recurring thoughts out of my head and I can rest.
As I complete a task I put an X by it.  If I don't get it done, I put a sideways triangle indicating it needs to be copied to the next day. If you decide it doesn't really have to be done you can cross through it.  Things I've stolen from Amy Falcone are if you make progress on a task but don't get to complete it, put a sideways triangle and fill it in (filling it in indicates you got to do part of it, so it's less disappointing than an empty triangle). And, I set space aside at bottom where I put Daily Wins.

The 2nd book is a Yearly calendar, which I'm using one of my Field Notes books for.  There are 2 pages where I've put my Goals. Someone in Amy's chat pointed me at this 6 Horizons of Focus post

Following the guidelines there, I've set Work & Personal goals.

  1. Daily/Recurring Actions. Work: Daily que & tasks, Project steps, Encourage self-sufficiency in co-workers. Personal: Drink a minimum of 64 oz water. Weight Watchers Points, and Complement/Verbally Appreciate someone.
  2. Projects - Multiple steps: Work: (Can't really go into detail here but there's 3 big projects to undertake this year). Personal: Use more of my yarn stash, Read more (audio counts), Declutter.
  3. Focus & Accountability: Work: Create 1 SOP per quarter, Train my backup on the task.  Personal: Save $100 a month, Exercise more.
  4. 1-2 year goals: Work: Complete industry standard Online Courses towards designation. Personal: Get to a specific weight, buy a house (this might actually happen this year!)
  5. 3-5 year goals: Work: Obtain designation for online courses, document all my processes & train backup. Personal: Go on a BIG TRIP, find a local church that feels like home.
  6. PURPOSE: Work: Be compliant, be Accurate, and Be Efficient. Personal: Be Inclusive, Be Encouraging, Be Healthy, and Increase Joy.
After these goals I do a 1 page spread of the days of the month and which day of the week it lands on. I can keep a little note of an appointment there as well. 

The 3rd book is just for general notes, scribbles.  When it fills up it gets replaced.

One of the things I'm doing this year which supports my goals, is I want to support artists and makers and communities.I want to avoid Being Sold something.  Online everywhere we constantly see sponsored posts and ads for things, and it makes it easy to just buy the thing because you want it.
Above I linked to a local book store's online shop, and I've mentioned my friends' Patreons in this and my prior post. Hoping to increase joy and encourage good things and more mindful shopping rather than passive consumption.  
What are your goals? What helps you stay focused?

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