It's been a while

Facebook recently reminded me it'd been 7 years since my next to last post!!
I kept telling myself I needed to blog, but would put it off.
Here's 1 big recap, and then hopefully I can get back to regular posting.
Brief re-introduction.
My name is Jadie, I have 2 cats, I play World of Warcraft, and I knit (yes, sometimes at the same time!)

So wow, a lot has changed in the last 7 years. Right around my last post  we had just moved into a house. We are still here and it's definitely become home for the long-term.

Also I have two nieces and a nephew, though if we're friends anywhere else you mostly only hear about my sister's daughter.
Sadly, I've also lost in the last 7 years.  My father passed away about a year and a half ago, and my grandmother had passed away a few months before that.
Life is definitely different than it was in 2011. (Understatement!)

So, since pictures tell a thousand words, I figure I'll stop blabbering on here, and just add a few photos from the last few years.

Furbabies wait for Santa Tripsie now has to wear a cone full time because she'es allergic to everything, and licks herself raw.

Cute little youngling

She knows she's adorable

A few years later, Weee gamer

River time. No longer ours :(

Knitted Dice bag for my DM (spoiler alert, dog ate it). Fore the Horde!

Harry Potter House cat beds


Knitting at the drive in

Weekly Wednesday D&D game
Replaced the one the dog ate. DM and I Both enjoy Harry Dresden books.

Most recent tattoo... it's about 6 years old now.

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