What I've been up to

Yesterday I went to the Old Liberty Fiber Faire held at the Lion's Club center in Bedford, VA. It was a lovely time, as is anything put together by the wonderful Dana and Dianne. Unfortunately, the weather didn't turn out :( It was rainy & windy and cold. I ended up staying only about an hour, and shortly after I left Tornado Warnings were sounded, so all the outside vendors packed up and went home.

They posted some pictures from the event on Facebook
Fortunately I'd gotten my shopping done already ;)

And yes, I am on a yarn diet, but I did have one project in mind to purchase yarn for, and I only made one extra yarn purchase! See! I was good.

First up is some lovely Alpaca from Taylored Fibers
I still am not sure what I will make with it, and as I told the vendor yesterday I might just leave it in the skein and pet it. It is SOOOO SOFT.

Next up is a little pouch from the lovely Sadie Rose. If you recall I already have a draw string bag in the same fabric. Love her bags, she does such good quality work, and so many of her fabrics are cat related!

While there were so many lovely yarns there, many of them were sock yarn or laceweight. Which of course I already have too much of. The one project I was allowing myself to buy yarn for calls for Aran Weight yarn. I want to knit the Lanesplitter skirt! So unfortunately, there wasn't much yarn of the right weight, and none in repeatable colorways and affordable to get enough for my project at the show.

So on my way home I stopped at Backstitches and picked up some Superwash Cascade (and a really pretty pen).

I'm also nearly done with my first April sock for the Year of Socks Stashdown. I'm really enjoying this pattern, and think the yarn & pattern are working really well together.

I'll have plenty of knitting time next weekend while we are visiting my family for Easter, so I feel confident I'll have the pair done by the end of the month.


J.D. said...

Lovely new yarns! I think your socks look awesome.

Anonymous said...

You were good! Sucks that the weather didn't cooperate.

Tina said...

I pet yarn too. I move my yarn around so I can see What's in my stash. I looove those socks!