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I actually have 2 awesome things I want to show you!

Firstly, a super awesome lady I've met through twitter.com makes beautiful jewelry! I don't wear much jewelry though, but I was delighted to find this bookmark on her website. (hopefully she won't mind me using her picture)

Here it is in one of my knitting books.

Honestly though I usually keep it in my Kindle as bling :)
It is absolutely lovely. Flourite is one of my favorite stones because it can be purple, green, white, or a combination!

Angela has many other pretty things for sale so check them out :)

Also, recently I saw this post over on Yarn A Go-Go. I love my purse, but all the stuff in it tends to jumble up in the bottom, making it often hard to find certain things. Like half the time I first reach for my phone i have a panic attack thinking I've left it somewhere.

So, I ordered one of the small purse organizers from Divide and Conquer and I just LOVE it. There's tons of color options so it is very easy to find one which will match your purse.

Now instead of everything being jumbled up in the bottom, it is all nicely organized and horizontal for easy reach. And the organizer itself comes out easily so you can switch your purses faster (assuming of course you don't have a skirt purse from My thirtyone)

A word of warning. if you have your purse around kittens or puppies, and you have a device with headphones (the little blue things coming out of my ipod in the picture) you may want to put them down in the pocket... In other news, I'm looking for new earbuds :P


Dana said...

Ooooohhh pretties! I love organizer-y things and the bookmark is definitely blingy. Verra nice!

Angela said...

I'm SO late in seeing this, but thanks for the linkage! :D