Hello new friend!

Yesterday I got a new friend.

He's based on this drawing from my good friend Bret. (Check out his book! I'm excited for a collection of his car paintings, they're gorgeous!)

I love him! I think he's so cute. Debating whether or not I should name him.

I've also been crocheting. Kitty has been my unfortunate quality tester for baby hats.

"I'm Link. And I hate you."

Ooooh apparently, this is my 299th post. I think I should do something special for 300! Hmm maybe a contest. We'll have to see :) Oh! And I put up a post about Afterthought heels over on TWIK.


Courtney said...

Love it !!!!!!!!!! His name should be George :-)

Unknown said...

I know I already told you on Plurk but I do love that tattoo!

Dana said...

It's WONDERFUL!! Congratulations. Kitty as "Link" is too cute and really made me laugh.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

So cute!! Of course you have to name him!

Anonymous said...

Love the new tattoo!