Busy busy busy

As I'm sure you know, its starting to get down to the wire! Just 11 days until the wedding *happy dance*
I'm pleased to announce that I"m only waiting on one last package which will ensure the wedding in my head will be what happens ;)
Today I received my bouquet and the mom/grandmom corsages.

Nope, no peeking. No worries though, I'll do a full review of etsy stores that helped me accomplish my goals after the magical day :)

Between other things I've been enjoying spinning on my Mayan Spindle that I got at Sedalia.

This is some lovely roving that Dana sent me! I really like how its turning out. I've got it stretched out on my niddy noddy until I have enough to ply.
I hope everyone is doing well! I'm just getting too excited for words :D


Dana said...

You go Jadie! The spinning looks awesome and I'm glad that fiber is working out for you. :) I put a mailer in the post office to you this morning with five little projects. How many more do you need? Please give me a number and I'll bang them out and mail them off to you.

Ten days! Ten days! Can't wait!

Cindy said...

It's coming up so fast! I wish I could be there :(

Unknown said...

I thought today was your wedding day and remarked what a beautiful day for a wedding ! Then I noticed you " online " for Ravelry !! O.k. 10 more days ~
Way to go with the spinner !