I consider myself a very lucky woman to have such wonderful friends. My mom is also a very very lucky woman.

Her friends at church are all in a knitting/crochet group together, and everytime theres a wedding one of them makes an afghan for the bride.

Today after Easter Service, they came up to me and gave me this.
(for scale, that white bit in the upper left corner is a door, and the brown thing to the right is the leg of a chair)

It is so beautiful, I immediately burst into tears. As a knitter, I know how much work and love was put into this beautiful (and enormous) blanket, and to have done it for lil ole me, who only comes to the church about 5 times a year (when I'm visiting my parents).

Fiber people are truly the most generous in the world.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! You are so right about Fiber people being the most generous. Congratulations!

Nikki said...

it's sooo beautiful!

Thomas said...

Silly, it don't matter how often you go to church. It matters that you go. Your family attends, you are family. You are church family. Witness the love now, that community brings.

oh and look and the delicate itty bitty hearts. That's so sweet. Very beautiful.

*okay I bared enough of my soul and sentimental heart. #Slams door closed again#*

vines - A church is a tree, the branches its parishes and the leaves its parishoners. vines help the tree by latching on to the tree and reaching out for new souls to save. Vines = You.

Happy Easter.

Thumperdd said...

How beautiful! I would've been bawling my eyes lucky you are to have such a family! Amen, Thomas, church families are the best - love and community.

Doesn't it just make your heart ache to think of all of the painstaking needlework to achieve all of those little hearts...


Cindy said...

That's so pretty :)

Unknown said...

You know I don't comment much... But that is a fantastic gift! Very glad that you guys have people like that on your side. :)

Unknown said...

That is GORGEOUS! Wow, I would have bee speechless! Did you ask them what pattern it was? lol

angie said...

that's beautiful x