Sunny day, chasing the clouds away (warning, lots of pics)

Its beautiful out!!! Though I'm glad it wasn't this warm yesteray, or we'd have all melted.

I took my camera and some knitting over to my grandmother's house, to scope out where we'll do what for the wedding, and took advantage of the pretty day to get good pics of my knitting stuff.

The boxwood was an unwilling model of some of my finished objects.

Weee socks

More socks

More socks!

I also took the opportunity to take better pictures of some of my yarn that I've dyed.

Mirkwood and Columbia chillin in the ivy. You can barely see Mirkwood, but that's kind of the point isn't it? :)

Haven't named this one yet, but the cherub says its heavy!

More unnamed yarn, with pretty periwinkle.

The reason I went (partially) was to take pictures and plan out where stuff would go for the wedding. Maybe we'll stand here
or maybe here

As I came in and walked under the dogwood, I thought I heard a distant motorcycle. However, as I was leaving I realized it was bees. Hundreds of bees working diligently to gather flowery bits.

So pretty

I think this one's my favorite.

Oh hai!


Unknown said...

Oh look at those bushes, they grown knitting! hehe
That looks like a beautiful place for a wedding!

Thomas said...

Statue w/yarn should be named: Heavy Love.

I don't have a 'good' name for the other one. *bites tongue*

I think you should stand over there.

Wow! Look at the fitter you!

exeat - When the diet is over.

Dianne said...

All beautiful...but I love the 3rd option..See you tomoz!

Dana said...

Any place you choose will be beautiful;they're all great locations!