How you know you're a "sock knitter"

Sam: "Babe, are you wearing my socks?"
Me: "Only one...."

Sam "Why? Are you out of socks?"
me "No, my others are still wet from when I hand-washed them"

Sam "Do you want me to buy you some socks?"
me *holds up my work in progress - mid row* "No! I'm almost done with these! Then I'll have a pair for every day of the week (meaning the work-week)."


Thomas said...

don't he know your birthday is coming up and you want an iPhone? I mean a new brain.

ixess - The Roman Empire used to convey this word when the number 9 was in surplus.

Cindy said...

That last picture makes it look like you have some sorta weird medical device on your foot (you know, one of those horrible torture devices that involve screws and pins_

Thumperdd said...

So true, Cindy! I had to do a double take on that one.

Poor Sam. If he can hold out another day or two he can have his socks back...hope he can make it!

Love the color combinations!