Yarn diet fall down and go boom. AKA Jadie's Economic Stimulus package

Um, yeah. That big package is 6 pairs worth of yarn and patterns. But who can say no?
And the brightly colored yarn? That's more from Nerdclub 2000 which of course NOW she has some purple *sigh*

The other envelope is my gesture at stimulating the Canadian Economy, something from Chicks with Sticks that I can't show you right now.

But, I am working out on my Wii Fit every day, and doing very well with my eating habits. So... I figure healthy lifestyle vs too much yarn? One isn't eventually gonna lead to diabetes or heart disease so who cares :D

Also, sweet sweet Dana nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award. Thank you so much!!!
The rules say to nominated 8 other bloggers, but I simply can't narrow it down so please just review the links on my side bar and visit people who look interesting to you :) (Definitely check out Dana's sweet new niece though, and the bloggers she linked to.)


Thomas said...

Yeah Whatever!!!
Your other so called friends and presumably faithful-to-you blog followers aren't doing you any favors by not chastising you for not sticking to your goals.

BAD Jadie!!!! BAD!!!!!!

reedev - Means that a person REALLY needs to DEVelop their personal willpower skills. :p

Thumperdd said...

I'm with you, Jadie. Everytime I say that I'm not buying any more yarn I find a great deal and just can't pass it up. (Well, I could, but how fun would that be???)

Fantastic job on the working out commitment. My New Year's Resolution quickly went out the window, but Biggest Loser keeps tickling my brain. It's on the to-do list...


Dana said...

LOL Thomas! :) Tell me, Jadie, what's Thomas' fix of choice?

You're welcome for the blogger award! The socks look excellent!

CAUDEC - The "pneumonia meds" drunk state that CAUses Dana to fall down and hit the DECk.