Weekend update

Not much going on... I realized it had been a while since I reported any knitting news :)
I'm working on a Better Bucket Hat in Mmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo.
The color is called Burgundy Dash, but I think it should be called Rose Garden. There's lovely little spots of green and peach!

Also, I had a baby shower to go to today, so last night I whipped up these cute purple washcloths. I love hand-knit washcloths, they're so soft!
Its hard to tell, but they were purple and white (a very light lilac shade)

I also dropped off my rings to be sized, I have itty bitty fingers.. so I had been keeping it on with only the best available!!!

About a yard of Socks that Rock :P its all curly now. But after February 4th (eek that feels so long away) my ring will fit just fine!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


The Lewis Show said...

You could have always used duct tape to wrap around the base of the ring. It wouldn't have ever gone anywhere.

Gotta revert back to redneck engineering sometime :P

Thomas said...

Spoken like a true fan of McDonald's, he did.

ooooh pretty ring!

Anonymous said...

Waiting on the rings to get sized is always the worst part. My gf has rings for us, but hers is too small (she got it vintage) and so I know she won't be asking until it is sized and she has yet to bring it in. I'm trying to be patient and all, but man it's hard!

Dana said...

Mmmmm....pretty Malabrigo and ring! February 4th is a long time to have a ring sized imho. You must be burning with impatience; I know I would be.