The Queens new clothes

Yeah yeah I guess it should be Empress but.. meh.

Today Sam, Idiotboy, Idiotboy's sister N and I all went to Roanoke (about an hour away for y'all non-locals) to Steve And Barry's to take advantage of the store closing sales.

Now, normally shopping is one of the many "girly" things that I do not like to do. And today was not an exception :P However, the prices were definitely right, plus one of the things that promoted me to the idea that I needed to start losing weight was because some of my clothes had stopped fitting me. So, if I'm going to buy clothes to wear until I lose weight, then I don't want to pay a lot for them.

All told, I spent $42!

I got myself a new winter coat. This one is actually much warmer than the one I have been wearing. My other coat is a very big almost navy pea coat looking thing... only most of the buttons have popped off.

This new coat has an inner lining, a little fake turtleneck bit that keeps your neck warm (not like I need that with my awesome scarf!) and a detachable hood. Sorry for the awful picture.

I also got a new sweater. Its hard taking pictures of yourself...
*pokes the belly*Teeeheee

These are the new jeans I got - there's a butterfly on my butt! (really really hard to take a picture of your own butt)

I got some brown dress pants!
(as usual, way too long)

Also got some black courds. I love courds. I almost want the grunge look to come back so I can wear them and flannel all the time. Ahhh comfort.
Also, 2 seconds out of the shopping bag and already covered in cat fur... what was I thinking?

In some of the pictures you may have seen this little guy.

For anyone who wasn't here last Christmas, this is Yarlow, and he was part of my Christmas gift from Thomas.
Yarlow used to sit on top of the bookshelf, but during the icky flood of July he was relocated upstairs for safekeeping.

Since Tripsie couldn't be bothered to come upstairs, she didn't partake in this photo shoot. But here's Kitty! He was grumpy because I turned the light on.


Nikki said...

what great clothes!!

Thomas said...

I think Nikki missed the point of the ENTIRE post:

Doesn't Yarlow look ever so awesome. He's held up well over the year. Funny how you can't really tell he's made of a yellow yarn skein.

And I was thinking... do knitters not know how to sew buttons on P-Coats? :)p~

Cindy said...

Yay new clothes... but I agree with Thomas... can knitters not sew on buttons?

Is that the same peacoat you have had forever or is it a newer one? If it's the same old one then it's about time you got a new one!

idiotboy said...

It was nice to have you guys :) Even though Sam was grumpy ;)

Dana said...

New clothes - - woohoo. Mohamed and I did the same thing last year when the A&N closed.

Awww...Thomas made Yarlow? He's very cute!