Gift Wrapping tips, by Tripsie!

First, make sure you press all the edges of the paper to give a nice, clean crease.

Trim any extra from the ends.

You can save this extra paper for something else. See, its big enough to wrap me!

Next, fold the ends in and tape them securely.

Or, alternatively get distracted now that the scissors are gone.

Kitty and Tripsie and Sam and I wish Everyone a happy _________ (fill in celebration of your choice).


Thomas said...

...Happy baby jesus was born day.

So Tripsie was helpful. Whodda thunk it.

Anonymous said...

I love when your cat gives instructions :)
Merry Merry!


Dana said...

I know what I'm giving you next Christmas - - a Snugli. In case you don't know, it's a baby carrier (kind of sling-style) to carry Tripsie around with you everywhere you go! That cat is sooooo attached to you; it's adorable. :)

The Lewis Show said...

I still can't wrap presents for crap. Even with Tripsie's help.