Gift Knitting: The Extreme Close-up edition (Now with Tripsie)

I decided I might have a way to share some of my gift knitting, without ruining any surprises!

Can you tell what this is? No I thought not.

This I feel fairly confident in showing... the person its for does not normally read my blog, and is currently without internets.

Every time I took a picture, Tripsie cried (when it wasn't of her) so of course, I had to oblige.

Poor girl has been pulling fur out of her tail for some strange reason...

Another extreme close-up. This is actually yarn for a project.

And I bet you can't even tell what in the world this is!

Also, today we had a little snow. YAY!!!
I hope everyone is having a safe weekend.


Thomas said...

Each picture is of YARN (other than the cat) Yarn Yarn Yarn - I win!!!

BOSSY said...

Wow, that is "a little snow." Bossy had to get out her Internet Magnifying Glass.

Dana said...

Tripsie really is a camera lover. That amuses me to no end. :) The clear project photo - - is that a scarf? It's a beautiful pattern.

See ya next week!