Good golly!

It has been quite a productive weekend. Amazing the things you get done when you're not watching TV (although I did play Fable II for a while today. But that' an assignment so it doesn't count).

Friday night I podcasted with the boys. While we chatted I worked on my sweater. Does it still look like undies Thomas?

And I've just now finished the first pair of Fetching (fingerless gloves) for my co-worker. That's one more pair for her, and then a couple for Christmas pressies, and then my own pair.

I also worked on that prettiful scarf I showed off before, but it pretty much looks the same.

Oh! And I got some Christmas presents. NO PEAKING!!!

Then I rescued Kitty from the sofa of DOOM!

All in all, a very good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome fingerless gloves. That is such a great idea. That makes a perfect Christmas present, you have great ideas!

Thomas said...

Well it no longer lookies like a thong. More like "depends" for a REALLY large snail.

And Mr. Kitty was doing that for attention. tricky kittie

Dana said...

Kitty did not look amused by the killer sofa. :)

Your sweater is looking great and the fingerless gloves are so neat! I'm going to have a make myself a pair of them. Have a great holiday!