Crawl & Haul!

Today, mom and I went on a Yarn Crawl!
This time we headed east, to Greensboro & Winston Salem.

We actually started off in Kernersville, where the Ben Franklin shop is closing and had everything on sale.

I'm thinking a pinwheel shawl or blanket. Very pretty colors.

We then headed on towards downtown Greensboro. Mom hadn't been there much since her college days, and in the *few years since there's been quite a lot of improvements to the area.

This is the Woolworth store where there was a sit in, the counter itself is now in the Smithsonian.

They've also revitalized some old buildings. Check out the architecture! Also, YAY for cameras with zoom! That was the very top of a tallllll building.
Doors to a bar.

We went in Gate City Yarns.
Those people on the wall are actually fired iron if I remember right - they're called iron maidens. Get it? *giggle*

I'm assuming the shop is called that because of the neat little gates that were on each alley - some had shops in the alley, and some had really neat bits of art. Check out this um... water spout thingy?
I really liked this store. It had a very homey feel at the same time it was displaying beautiful pieces of art (and I don't just mean knitting). Mom and I were also amused because there were more men in the store than women!

I picked up some yarn and a pattern for a baby sweater. The yarn is really pretty - almost Noro like in its color changes.

Here's a close-up. These are all the same colorway! Crazy isn't it?

We went to 3 more shops afterwards, but nothing really struck my fancy (actually I told mom not to let me buy anymore - I had left with plans to just buy 1 skein of malabrigo for a hat.)

Also, tonight while watching Phantom of the Opera I finished the 2nd of the 2nd pair of Fetching.

(Modeled by Page)
(And yes, a love of rings does run in the family :P)

For this pair I was asked to make the finger bits a little longer, so I did an extra repeat.
Heading home tomorrow, then back at work Monday. Not looking forward to that, but I do miss my kitties.

*no I'm not telling.


Isla Deb said...

I was blog surfing tonight and caught your site. Great photos. Do they really still have Woolworth's?? Keep posting!

Thomas said...

hmmmm you're 29, give or take a few years... 34 years since she's been back to visit her college town. *I know I'm evil*

Well, hmfph! - NO YARN FOR YOU... for Christmas. Hell if you're just going to go buy it all yourself, I figure I'll have to get the Kittie's something instead. Oooooh, or SAM!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Sounds like a great yarn crawl!! And I love the fetchings!

Nikki said...

What a fun yarn crawl!!

(ooo and kinda creepy - my 'moderation word' is redum. Glad there's no extra "r"! :)

Dana said...

Your yarn crawl & "tour" sounded wonderful! Yarn on sale is BEAUTIFUL thing and I like the fiber & pattern you bought a lot.

Sounds like you had a great time! :)