Wee, and I'm back!

And I drank the Koolaid...

Check out my new drop spindle, with free roving that they gave me!

(And, because she heard the camera turn on, Tripsie)

I met up with Turtlegirl and got some Cascade Fixation that I'd gotten from her in a destash. (make sure to look at her post, she caught a picture of the itty bitty Pygmy goat. I didn't get to see her but she's SO CUTE!)

She was also kind enough to point out a good yarn for my mom to get for a February Lady Sweater. Sadly I didn't get a picture but its really pretty!

I was well behaved and only got some MissBab's that I want to try to knit a halter top from.

And then I got a itty bitty set of Adi Turbos, gonna try to knit socks on them. We'll see :)

Here's a few shots I took while we were there Saturday.
And lookie the animals!

And then today when I got to my mailbox, I received yarn that I ordered from Chicks with Sticks!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but if you go to her site and look it was called Kamryn.
So pretty!

I had such a blast, and I think we're gonna do it again next year! I was only sorry that I didn't get to spend much time with my dad or sister, but they would have been bored to tears.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, you totally drank the koolaid. Beginning of the end.

Thomas said...

I think I would pay money to watch you shear a Jacob Sheep.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Looks like you girls had a fabulous time!! I love Miss Babs' yarns too!!

Dana said...

Tell Thomas to hand over his wallet! VA Tech is hosting its bi-annual sheep shearing school in Spring 2009 (if you're interested). I'm seriously thinking about it.

Your trip looked awesome! The animals are so cute and you came home with some great stuff. I've got a bunch of roving at home and I'll give you some at the next Knit Night.

Thomas said...

*wait* ... I didn't say how much.