Woohoo awesome announcement time!

I have two awesome announcements that I'm very excited about.
First, I had purchased some yarn and dyes. Last night, Idiotboy was kind enough to tempt Sam out of the house with the promise of some super fun nerdy time, so I was able to dye the yarn!
I don't want to share any pictures yet. For one thing, its still kind of damp, and for another, my camera simply won't do it justice.
But soon!

My second announcement, is that last Friday I took part in the newest episode of the Langaming.net's Lancast. I've reviewed the show before, it features several friends and covers topics all about gaming.
I'll warn you, as it shows you in Itunes and on the site the podcast is "explicit." (We cuss. A lot). But we had a blast and I can't wait to do it again.


Thomas said...

Say it ain't so Jadie! You were cussing? My impression of you has been forever altered. *gigglefits*

tata said...

Woohoo! I look forward to pictures. I can't wait to learn!!

Dana said...

Your dyed yarn sounds excellent and I can't wait to see it. :)

I've never listened to a Podcast before. We have a pair of Shuffles in the family and my daughter is campaigning for a Nano for Xmas. From what you wrote, I just pull the podcast from ITunes and download it? Is that right?

Apple-ignorant here. LOL

Unknown said...

Cussing doesn't offend me in the least. I've been told that I can, but I try not to, cuss like a drunken sailor! lol