An intro to Tripsie

In my comments yesterday, Dana asked what kind of cat Tripsie is. And in looking in my archives, I was stunned to find that I didn't see anywhere where I mentioned us getting her, she just starts showing up in March posts!
Anywho, back in the day (A Thursday, if you're a Dane Cook fan) all Sam and I had was Kitty.
We love Kitty very much, but he seemed lonely. Every day when we came home from work, he was waiting for us in the window. (I have a picture somewhere, but can't seem to find it).
Bwaha I found it!
kitty window

So, we decided to keep our ears out for someone looking for a free cat to a good home. We would have loved to have a kitten, but our lease says nothing under a year old (Except sadly, for humans).
Idiotboy tried to set us up with a sweet girl named Murloc, but she and Kitty did NOT get along.
Enter sweet girl on Facebook. She posted in the Marketplace that she was looking for a home for her 2 year old cat.

With this old picture of her, and the warning that the cat had only 3 legs! She was born with a bit of a stub, but sadly the bone outgrew the skin and it kept getting infected, so the 4th leg was amputated.
So, Sweet Pea or "Tripod" as she was called came to visit. A lack of growling and hissing was taken as a good sign.
"Tripod" went back home with her 1st mommy for a few days while we applied to our landlords for permission to keep her, and to pay the deposit. Then she came back with her litter box and carpet tower thingy, to live with us.

Well, the rest as you are well aware is history. Tripsie has now been with us for over 6 months. She and Kitty still don't quite get along, but he's learned to just give her a wide berth.

As for what kind of cat she is, I'm pretty sure she's a Maine Coon (click for Wiki).
Now for something really funny.
You've seen Kitty and Tripsie.
Now, if you'll pardon me taking a picture of a picture, this is Rosie

and Lilly.

My cats from age 9-20 years old. Life's funny, ain't it?


Courtney said...

Those are cute kitties :-) I do play xbox somethimes, but usually only uno :-) Shane is the gamer in this house LOL

Thomas said...

I love kitty in the Winder... and the three legged wonder. I named Tripsie!!

The Lewis Show said...

Everyday is Caturday in Jadie's world. that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Awww... catadorable! Everyone.

Dana said...

Thank for sharing the story! Your cats (both current and past) are lovely!

The photo of Kitty in the window made me laugh out loud in the office. His expression says, "What the Hell took you so long?!?!?"