A bit of a rant - and explanation of why I haven't been around.

Its been quite a rough week.
Monday we came home to discover our property manager had sent us a bill for the repairs done to our townhouse after The Flood. We contacted her to advise we didn't feel we should have to pay it, and finally heard back from her yesterday that apparently they had conflicting stories of what happened. What happened btw, is that Sam was mopping the bathroom upstairs, the map tapped the hose under the toilet, and then the pipe INSIDE THE WALL burst open.
The emergency number on the refrigerator magnet they gave us was wrong, Sam had to google their website and call the number there to get the emergency number, and we were not aware of where the water shut off was. This all caused the water to run for over 30 minutes until the maintenance guy showed up and turned it off.
They now agree with us that we shouldn't be liable, but I didn't want to say anything in case we had to seek legal counsel.
I've also been having quite a week at work. A few weeks ago, without even considering my team, a program which is vital to our process was changed, making it completely useless to us. In the meantime, we were having to send information to a programmer for him to send it to us. Monday, he sent me an executable file to fix it. Everything's gravy right? Nope. Long story short, we noticed that our quotes were coming out way off from quotes run previous to the "fix."
So, I've been spending the last 2 days re-running quotes and comparing them to older quotes when we have them, and comparing that information to the guaranteed values in the contract, when we have them. Over the next few weeks we'll be having to evaluate which contracts were quoted with a negative impact to the customer and fix them.
Needless to say, I've been cursing up a storm and talking about making knitting needles disappear.
So, when I've gotten home each day, I wasn't quite in the mood to blog and I'm sorry about that. But I do have some things to share with you, so I'll do that in the next post.