Bad blogger no cookie!

Where has Jadie been? Well.. Mostly enjoying being home with my babies :)
Kitty didn't leave my lap much this weekend, in fact he's sitting on me right now. (literally takes this picture RIGHT THIS SECOND)

I've also been working on a new knitting project, but sadly its super secret, and cannot be revealed until Christmas!

As I mentioned last week, I got a laptop for work. The bag they provided me was very heavy, and the shoulder paddy part never stayed anywhere useful.

So I got a different case. Its small enough that I can actually just put it in my totebag where i usually keep my lunch, knitting, and various and sundry other stuff.

Not much else going on.... We'll be heading to watch Batman on Friday with Idiotboy. I'm looking forward to the movie, but also hoping I don't embarrass everyone by bawling throughout.

One forthcoming knitting project I can talk about is this laptop case, which Idiotboy has commissioned for me to make. No worries, I'm not actually selling it for any profit, he's just going to reimburse me for the supplies.
I hope everyone is having a good summer, with lots of fun knitting, gaming, podcasting whatever it is you're into :)

Speaking of podcasats, TheLewisShow was a featured guest on this past weekend's Powncecast, so make sure you check out his flirtations with Nick.


Anonymous said...

Pic #1 Caption: Look here momma, I loves it... that's why I needs you to know that Heath would want you to enjoy Batman and celebrate in his awesome performance. No need to cry, jus smile big!

Dana said...

Wait a minute. Wasn't it Idiotboy who mocked your unfinished socks by writing("hey, there's hole in your sock") or (" two socks are better than one")?

I say that you ought make his laptop case really special for all of his teasing. Swarovski beads and fun fur would be nice touches. ;)

Your cat is so cute! Enjoy Dark Knight as best you can.

idiotboy said...

DANA!!! :) hehe.. Jadie one time said:

"I has new socks" - she said
"Me too!!" - I said
"Did yours didn't take weeks to make??" - said jadie
"I dunno ask the little Asian kid who made them" - Said I

:) Jadie rules, but I gotta give her a hard time.. Ask her about my car with the manual transmission ;)

Dana said...

LOL Idiot! Jadie, when you have chance, would you describe the manual transmission car? (I'm afraid to know, but morbidly curious nonetheless).

I have "working alternative" laptop case ideas for you Jadie. When you have a chance, please visit these photos:


No peeking Idiotboy! Have a great weekend.

Jadielady said...

Hahah Dana those are awesome!
When Idiotboy recently purchased a new car, he said that the dealer was going to swap with another dealer to get him "one with a manual."
I thought he meant an owner's manual!

Thomas said...

Now who's the idiot? LMAO

idiotboy said...

lulz Thomas :D!!!

Dana said...

It was a honest mistake, Jadie, and Idiotboy probably wasn't clear when he described the purchase. (That's the story and we're sticking to it). ;)

Besides, who'd buy a manual transmission (LOLOL)?