Massive mega vacation post - With Pictures!

Well, yesterday we checked out of our VA Beach hotel, and started heading back home. We stopped in Richmond, and met up with Mikey and his lovely lady. We saw the Hulk! Which was pretty good. About 15 minutes into the movie, Ben (who's site seems to be down ATM) rang and was also in Richmond, only he was on his way to Virginia Beach!
So, he joined us for the movie, and then some Starbucks (which I'm not usually very into, so I didn't know what to get) and then we all had supper at Outback.
Then we all parted ways and headed in 3 different directions.

While I really enjoyed my vacation, we were also very antsy to get back home. We missed our kitties! They missed us too... although they keep alternating between love and being angry... Here they are in a surprise close pose, with no batting. A united front against that evil flashy thing.

Anywho, here's some pictures from the aquarium.

From our hotel room

And I enjoyed some wine while we were there!

And here's the yarn that I got while I was there, and the yarn that arrived while I was gone.

First, my current progress on my cheeto pajama socks.

These two I got at Ewe Knit & Yarn in Virginia beach. The owner is very nice, and signed me up for her mailing list and gave me a free measuring tape! Its already in the toolbag of my normal knitting bag.

These two I got from MissBabbs

They came with a little 40 yard skein of black for heels and toes! I think I might use it for a super secret project for a friend of mine.

I also got my Emergency Knitting bag as seen on Turtle Girl's Blog

This will be going to work with me so I can knit on my lunchbreak :) Its awesome!

Big thanks to Ben for watching and feeding our babies, even if you only hung out for free cable :P
Also thanks to Sam's brother for letting us use his camera... I've become quite spoiled and think I might have to get my own very soon.


Dianne said...

Great vacation photos..and I'm very familiar with those guilt pangs of leaving the pets..when we're away, we daily talk about them and wondered if they're ok..even though we have boarded them at the same place for years.
I love the emergency knitting kit..I would love to know where to find them..your's is the 2nd one I've seen recently on Ravelry.
Glad you had a fun/safe vacation...and some good yarn shopping including..what more can a gal wish for?

turtlegirl76 said...

Check out the size of that turtle! Awesome pics!

Dana said...

Welcome home. I love how your fluffy cat is sitting on the bag with the expression, "No, you're not allowed to leave again," on his face.

Your yarn purchases are very nice! I've heard that the VA Beach yarn shops are quite good. I'll hopefully hit them some day.

Yes, where did you get the "emergency" bag? Those are cute.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the vacation photos. I used to live out in V. Beach and loved it, though it was a bit crowded for me. Great yarn and the emergency knitting kit is awesome, can I ask where got it? I also had a feeling that once you tried socks you would be hooked, it seems to happen to a lot of folks. Happy knitting! Michelle

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, WHERE did you get that Emergency Knitting Bag. Enquiring Knitters want you to blog about that. Welcome back - oh wait, you've been back. HELLOOO!