Wooo I'm back!

Sorry folks. http://www.jadielady.com was out of commission for a few days, but you can't beat the service of saying "Hey, friend over for burgers and Rock band, why isn't it working?"
Thanks Buddy!
I'm back now! and once again you can always reach me at jadielady at jadielady.com, or aim me at MaraJade97 or yahoo glswoman.

I feel like after finishing that durn bed (which Tripsie hasn't gone near again) I've got a huge influx of knitting mojo. I've cast on for a gift for my frend's birthday next week, and went so far as to buy sock yarn and a new knitting bag!


Anonymous said...

What's in the last picture Jadie? It looks like a box with a magic wand in it. Or is that a fancy knitters toothbrush. Maybe it's special sock knitting needles. ooooh so curious...

Courtney said...

Yes it is a great bag :-)I love mine :-)