Mahalo Daily!

It just occured to me that I never went back and did a full review of Mahalo Daily!
(Warning friends with dial-up... that link takes you to their site which automatically loads the most recent episode)

This daily (duh) Video podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. I now watch it every morning right after Wine Library TV.
Mahalo Daily covers some pretty random, but always useful topics. How to tie a tie would have been REALLY useful about 2 months before it came out, when Sam had to look that up on youtube ;)
Ms. Belmont and friends also cover award shows, Tech & Game conventions, and even interviewed that guy who sang Chocolate Rain (no, no links here, I'll get it stuck in my head. Evil song).
So definitely check it out, its one of those rare podcasts that covers enough interests to satisfy just about everyone!

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