Woman cave!

So, Sam has his man-cave upstairs, where he keeps his computers, and comics, and all sorts of fun posters n stuff (some of which are mine, but that's allright).
Yesterday (friday... I count sleep cycles, and am ignoring the fact that its 1:20) he bought me a bookshelf, and his brother helped to move the furniture so that I can have a space all to my own as well!
Here's the bookshelf from afar:

My nerdity knows no bounds - that's Star Wars Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit, and LOTR Trivial Pursuit as well. The other box is Warcraft III.
The first shelf is home to my Dragonlance collection and some of my Darth Maul collection.

2nd shelf holds all our DVDs which are lucky enough to have cases, as well as all our Xbox and Wii Games.. do we own any ps3 games? I can't remember.... And of course, sweet sweet Yarlow.
2 points for anyone who can identify that shiny lil statue to his right. (the little round thing is a small tattooine globe with a mini fighting Maul)

The rest is a hodgepodge of huge hard covers and magazines, Dad's Sturgeon novels (I should probably get those back to him...) some other random Paperbacks like my Cherie Priest books, some RA Salvatore, and my more recent acquisitions: knitting books (blocked by a box of vases that need to go back to my grandmother's house).

Here is my woman cave itself. My old desk turned sideways, to make it its own little world. What will I do here? Maybe some writing... other crafty projects... maybe if one day I venture into the world of knitting from patterns I'll have to sit here to avoid the distraction of the tv... and there's about half my yarn stash... the rest is hiding in bags under the table.

Kitty seems to like the new layout, and hasn't tried to bust out the mini blinds to see out yet, though I'm sure that will change...

I suspect the real reason for the change is so that the other sofa is directly in front of the TV.....
Here is my new view from my perch.
Oh also, if people would be so kind as to check out This lolcat I made and vote I'd appreciate it :) Its not Kitty, just looks like him. If he were in the Blair Witch Project.

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