Free Audio books!

So my new Pownce friend Joey N linked to this site which offers links to free Audio books! Most of them are on itunes... and for some reason I couldn't get any of the Edgar Allen Poe ones to work *sniffle*
But I still thought it was pretty neat! Woo Ann of Green Gables! I've been listening to music on my short drives to and from work because YAY I got an FM Transmitter!

I don't really have any good reviews for you yet still... I've mostly been working on catching up on my old favorites. I did download Mahalo Daily from Mikey's suggestion. Pretty informative and cool :)
I will post a full review once I've watched a few more. Also checking out Stuck in the 80's from a recommendation from a Ravelry friend.
I'm now up to almost 400 podcast episodes!!! That's mostly from downloading back episodes of ones that I like. :)

Also, I've rearranged my side bar *waves arms ala Vanna White*
I think what I'm going to start doing is listen to a podcast before bed, with a notebook and pen to keep track of my thoughts. *nod nod*
Oh, and some knitting. Here is the beginnings of my super secret special project that some people know about. Hehe nice and vague isn't it?



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