Doh! And an update

I just realized that my last update was a big #50! Oh well. Happy 51 posts me!

Turns out, what we were going to do on Tuesday, wasn't gonna work... so tomorrow, we're checking into the hospital and my honey is going under completely.

So.. I'm watching Pirates 3. Pretty good so far, though I hate movies that I have to turn off the lights to see :(

But... Jack the monkey is so cute!!!!


Chrissy said...

Oh my...I hope everything goes well with your man on Tuesday! I've been to the hospital MANY times with mine:) My boss is actually one of my best friends, she's why I started working there in the first place. She was there for me when I went through the very same thing with my dad almost 15 years ago. What are friends for, right?

Mari said...

Congrat's! :)

Love the cute little monkey...

and Muse!! You are the first person to come on my blog and share the love. Yay.