Randomness WEEEEEEE
First off, make sure you check out my pal Lewis' Tumbler page. He's got an awesome pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker up :)
Secondly, went to check out Kyle Knits, a man after my own heart (Knitting, cats? WEE!) who was sweet enough to leave a comment about poor sweet Charlie. (By the way, I'm told Charlie had a very nice burial service, and is resting in the apple orchard that grows by my folks' driveway, and this spring some pretty flowers will bloom there).
Taking Paying it forward to the extreme, I'm "borrowing" something Kyle "borrowed" from yet another blogger.

Basically, the first 3 people to leave a comment will get a pretty knitted suprise! Now... I will say, because of my Holiday Deadlines, I am not 100% sure I will have the items ready before the new year, but I will do my best. So, comment away, and make sure you leave a way to contact you.

Lastly - a Knitting Podcast review! I've been catching up on Lime & Violet's podcast after reading about it on Ravelry. SO FUNNY! Even if you're not a knitter you should at least check it out. They are so silly. Any podcast which has a regular segment called Yarn Pron is ok by me!

Additionally, the world at large has lost 3 very important/influential people.
Mikey discussed the loss of Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of Quiet Riot. I'm sure next time he's online, he will update that the Redskins' Sean Taylor, has also now passed away. Also, not getting as much press, the guitarist of Hawthorne Heights (not a fan, but all music is important) passed away on their tour bus, at the 930 club in Northern Virginia. Rest in peace everyone.

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