So I was chatting with a friend tonight, and went to do a google search to show him that even when knitters are at book signings they KNIT! and I saw a picture of a woman in a black leather corset holding knitting needles. Color me interested.
Clicked the link and discovered this nifty nook on the net. Domiknitrix has quite a few very neat patterns, including free charts to put a Skull into your project, and other punk patterns.
Very nifty!

Woohooo! I'm done on my scarf for a co-worker in Richmond, and now back to the Christmas presents. Or maybe I should finish mine first.....

Tomorrow I'm picking up a free sewing machine from a friend at work, and I"m very excited :) I've got some big plans for around the new year so STAY TUNED!

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The Lewis Show said...

Punk knitting patterns. I'm still trying to digest that :P