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So, to start off with, I'll put up a brief history of the Podcasts I've been listening to. If anyone has any specific ones they'd like to hear more about then I will review those first, otherwise I'll just start reviewing whichever ones I darn well feel like ;)

Smodcast - Smodcast is an audio podcast, put out by "indie" movie hero Kevin Smith. He's usually accompanied by Snowball *giggle* aka Scott Mosier. Sometimes, if Scott is out of town, or grieving a dog, etc, he will have a guest. Notable guests include his wife, Jenn I'm not even going to attempt spelling her last name, Walt Flannigan, and their friend Malcom. Topics seem to come straight out of Kevin's ass (which is also discussed quite a bit), and range from Hellen Keller to the mating habits of dogs.

World of Warcraft Podcast Video, is as you guessed it, a video podcast about the MMORPG World of Warcraft. I enjoy this one because they show video footage of battles, raids, PVP battle grounds etc. They have a weekly add-on review, and helpful tips. They will usually have one particular topic each week, whether its a class/race guide, or helpful tips for a particular dungeon.

4Q Radio. Mikey got me hooked on this one. Its silly Brittish dudes who play some awesome metal tunes, and get ripped while doing so :)

The Instance: An audio podcast, again about World of Warcraft. More helpful hints, and friendly chatter between two friends.

Diggnation. Probably one of the more well known podcasts that I listen to, hosted by Kevin and Alex, and random appearances by Kevin's cat. Filmed on the couch, or sometimes on location, and plenty of beer. Kevin and Alex discuss some of the stories posted on Digg.com and share their feelings on the subject. Kudos to Alex for telling Kevin's mom what teabagging is :)

So, as more people find my little home on the net, and as I find more podcasts, I'll begin reviewing more in-depth.
If you have a podcast that you'd like me to listen to, I'm pretty sure there's a link on here where you can email me, or just leave a comment.

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